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  • Hearings Get Underway After Kemp Introduces Proposed Budget

    Features, January 23, 2020

    It is the second week of the Georgia General Assembly and that means budget talks are underway. This year talks could get more intense as lawmakers look for ways to trim the budget and meet the challenge by Governor Brian Kemp to cut spending by 4 percent this fiscal year and another 6 percent in fiscal year 2021.

  • New Georgia Poll Shows Rise in Trump Support

    News, December 19, 2019

  • Learning about Kelly Loeffler & a GOP Split

    Features, December 04, 2019

    With Gov. Brian Kemp poised to name Atlanta businesswoman and lifelong Republican Kelly Loeffler as Georgia’s interim U.S. senator to replace Johnny Isakson, all eyes will be on the Loeffler introductory rollout.

  • General Assembly launches Georgia-Japan Legislative Caucus

    Features, May 09, 2019

    James Magazine’s May-June issue includes a feature which highlights Georgia’s important economic relationship with Japan, and how the state has benefited significantly from the relationship with various industries, including the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

  • Beach Wonders How Many Dems Back ‘Green New Deal’

    News, March 21, 2019

    Numerous economists describe the “Green New Deal” proposed by socialist Democrats in the U.S. Congress as the most expensive and economically radical legislation ever proposed. That’s why state Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, authored a resolution signed by every other GOP state senator urging Congress to condemn the “deal” estimated to cost taxpayers up to $93 trillion — four times the annual value of all economic activity in the United States.