I-75 Corridor Emerges as the 3rd Most Active Industrial Submarket in the U.S.


Friday, June 14th, 2024

The I-75 Corridor submarket of Atlanta came 3rd on the list, thanks to the ongoing and upcoming construction that places the submarket among the top 5 nation’s fastest growing submarkets. 

Here are the key highlights of what's currently happening in the I-75 Corridor submarket:

  • The data showed that a total of 4.6 million square feet of industrial space is currently under development in the I-75 Corridor submarket of Atlanta, representing the 3rd-largest industrial supply pipeline on the list.

  • Its ongoing projects account for 5.4% of the submarket's total industrial inventory, making it the 6th-highest inventory percentage growth among the top 100. 

  • The current pipeline is driven by just six industrial projects, averaging around 770,000 square feet of industrial space each – highlighting an impressive construction scale in individual projects.

  • Notably, the I-75 Corridor submarket accounts for 70% of all projects that are currently underway in the wider Atlanta market.

  • The southern region dominated the top 20 list, securing a total of 9 entries within the ranking.

In the last decade, six different industrial submarkets have more than doubled in size, while an additional seven grew between 50% and 100%. Now, a wave of industrial development — the result of prolonged investor appetite and government subsidies — are starting to open their doors, promising to further concentrate the advance of new industrial stock into small areas of high-demand markets as well as marking a resurgence in others. Naturally this expansion isn’t uniform across the country — or even within individual markets. Therefore, to understand the nuances, we zoomed in on the top 100 largest industrial space submarkets by total square footage, which represent roughly one-third of all U.S. industrial space.

For this analysis, we employed a two-step approach:

  1. Future Growth: We ranked these submarkets based on their current construction pipelines by identifying those poised for the most future growth.

  2. Past Decade’s Leaders: We analyzed their expansion throughout the last 10 years to reveal the submarkets with the most significant increases in square footage.

Keep reading to explore the top U.S. submarkets with the most upcoming industrial space (based on our analysis of the 100 largest). Alternatively, you can delve into the past decade’s leaders in a separate section.

Overall, the West Phoenix submarket topped the list, boasting the largest industrial construction pipeline among the top 100 largest submarkets, with 7.8 million square feet currently underway. 

Read the full study at www.commercialsearch.com