AGC Georgia and AGC of America Team to Award Contractors for Safety Excellence

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, June 14th, 2024

As the leading association for the construction industry in Georgia and at the national level, the Associated General Contractors of Georgia (AGC Georgia) and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC of America) annually partner to recognize firms for company-wide safety excellence as part of the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) Program. Twenty-nine Georgia-based construction firms were honored for their dedication to safety throughout the 2023 calendar year.

Contractors must have zero lost workday cases for a calendar year to be eligible for the NASA Zero Incidence Rate Award. There are a total of 24 General Contractors and four Specialty Contractors in Georgia with a zero incident rate for Calendar Year 2023. Additionally, there is one General Contractor, Holder Construction Company, with a 25 percent below division incident rate for the Building Division with 275,000 and over work hours.

“As leaders in the construction industry, it's our duty to prioritize safety above all else,” AGC Georgia CEO Mike Dunham said. “We are proud to partner with AGC of America to recognize firms that uphold the highest standards of safety excellence through the National AGC Safety Awards program. These firms’ dedication to maintaining zero lost workday cases sets a benchmark for our industry, ensuring the well-being of our workers and fostering a culture of safety on every job site."

General Contractors with Zero Incident Rate for Calendar Year 2023

• Albion General Contractors, Inc.
• Alston Construction Company
• Anderson Construction Co. of Fort Gaines
• CPPI of Georgia, LLC
• Dublin Construction Company, Inc.
• Duffey Southeast, Inc.
• Garbutt Construction Company
• Ben B. Gordy Construction Company, Inc.
• Headley Construction Corporation
• Hogan Construction Group, LLC
• Jerry L. Johnson & Associates, Inc.
• Juneau Construction Company
• Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc.
• Leapley Construction Group
• McKnight Construction Co., Inc.
• New South Construction Co., Inc.
• R. K. Redding Construction, Inc.
• RaLin
• Renfroe Construction Co., LLC
• Sheridan Construction
• Warren Associates, Inc.
• West Construction Company
• Young Contracting/SE, Inc.

General Contractor with 25% Below Division Incident Rate for Calendar Year 2023
(Building Division with 275,000 and over work hours)
• Holder Construction Company

Specialty Contractors with Zero Incident Rate for Calendar Year 2023

• Brent Scarbrough & Company
• Division 9 Commercial Construction
• Precision Electrical Contractors, Inc.
• Strack, Inc.

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