ApartmentAdvisor Releases Best Cities for College Grads for 2024

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, April 15th, 2024

ApartmentAdvisor.com (www.apartmentadvisor.com), a leading apartment search and data platform, today released its third annual Best Cities For College Grads rankings for 2024. Informed by a range of economic and desirability indicators, the rankings provide a resource for college seniors as they consider where to live after graduation. This year's report also includes a "Where to Live After College?" quiz to help graduates discover which city suits them best based on their career interests and lifestyle preferences.

2024 Best Cities for College Grads - Top 15

1. Seattle, WA

2. Salt Lake City, UT

3. Washington, DC

4. Charleston, SC

5. Madison, WI

6. Tampa, FL

7. Miami, FL

8. Atlanta, GA

9. Portland, ME

10. San Francisco, CA

11. Chicago, IL

12. Minneapolis, MN

13. Austin, TX

14. Orlando, FL

15. Cincinnati, OH

Seattle, WA tops the list this year, earning points for its high population of bachelor's degree holders and high earnings potential, plus its walkability/bikeability and ample opportunities for recreation. Salt Lake City UT ranks second, notable for its high population of young adults and its relatively affordable rent prices. The nation's capital, Washington DC, also ranks high, earning points for high earning potential for bachelor's degree holders as well as its excellent transit system (no car needed).

The top fifteen list includes both large and smaller cities (Charleston, SC and Portland, ME), and includes three cities in the state of Florida: Tampa, Miami and Orlando. Although some of the cities on this list are also some of the nation's priciest rental cities (Washington DC, Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA are among the top ten most expensive rental cities based on ApartmentAdvisor data), the earnings potential for bachelor's degree holders in these cities is also higher than average, making the rent-to-earnings ratio more reasonable for employed college grads.

"Deciding where to live after college can be both exciting and nerve-wracking," said Amy Mueller, Vice President of Communications at ApartmentAdvisor. "That's why we are excited to reveal this year's Best Cities for College Grads rankings. Most new grads want to move to a place that offers both job opportunity and a vibrant social scene, with a reasonable cost of living. This list highlights the U.S. cities that tick many of the boxes."

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