Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Staff Report

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA), founded in 2008, celebrated 15 years of serving Georgia’s manufacturers, and manufacturing executives and personnel, during a February 21st Gala at Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jason Moss, CEO of GMA, said Wednesday that the celebration was “a wonderful gathering of the people who have guided this journey and made GMA what it is today.” From its grassroots beginnings in 2008 to the powerful influence, education and networking GMA provides its members today, Moss credits the organization’s success to the guidance, partnerships and mentors that have worked together to grow and strengthen Georgia’s manufacturing community.

During the celebration, Moss took the opportunity to thank key individuals who have helped build GMA into the influential organization it has become, one that educates and informs Manufacturing personnel and works to attract new facilities to Georgia.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp commended GMA for its strong partnership and presence in Georgia manufacturing. The commendation was presented by Melvin Everson and State House Representative Matt Reeves.

The Above and Beyond Award was presented to three active GMA chapter directors Laura Madajewski, Henry Levine, and Bill Stankiewicz, for their extraordinary dedication to growing and strengthening the manufacturing community in Georgia and the influence of GMA. 

Clyde Strickland, Founder of Metro Waterproofing, one of the most successful companies serving the construction industry in the Southeastern United States, received the Friend and Mentor Award. Strickland is also a champion of the “Made in America” initiative.

J.K. Murphy, Publisher of the Publisher at Times-Journal, Inc., received the Guide and Partner Award, having coached Moss for years regarding GMA messaging.

Beau Groover, Founder and President of Swiftemp, sponsored the celebration event, and received the Coach Award for the support and guidance he has provided GMA over the past several years. Groover is a manufacturing business coach, and also the founder of The Effective Syndicate, a company that provides workforce solutions and leadership coaching to manufacturers throughout the country.

All proceeds from the celebration event were donated to the Bobby Dodd Institute and presented to the Vice President of Business Services, Joe Paolini. The Bobby Dodd Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people with differing abilities.

Moss took the opportunity during the evening’s festivities to talk about the GMA Manufacturing Mastermind program, a next-step initiative designed to support and grow manufacturing in Georgia. “We’re excited to continue to roll out this program, offering Georgia Manufacturing executives and key personnel education and training in best practices,” Moss said. “Manufacturing Mastermind gives these professionals cutting-edge tools and knowledge that helps to further strengthen Georgia’s manufacturing appeal and performance on the global stage.”