#WomensSmallBusinessMonth, Georgia Women Create Online Group to Connect, Network!

Staff Report

Monday, October 18th, 2021

During Women’s Small Business Month, a group of Georgia professional women is using Facebook to connect and network. The women, all in marketing and communications, created a Facebook Group called “Marketing & Communications Women of Atlanta.”  

Since 2011, the community has grown into a safe space for women to learn, grow and support others, which is especially powerful with the pandemic. Through best practices, professional development, job search support and empowerment for women, the community now has 20k+ members.

Part of what makes this group special is that they’ve curated a professional space where they can be their full selves. This group embraces those full identities instead of asking they be “checked at the door.” The group provides a space to call out systemic and problematic practices that further marginalize BIPOC, LGBTQ, and all women in the workforce. The group also offers fun and a place to laugh together and at ourselves. They say “it’s not all serious. We have a wonderful balance of levity and gravity.”

The group is highly regarded in the industry from leaders to new professionals to HR practitioners and because of the trust earned they can boast 544+ job referrals and vendor RFPs since Jan. 1, 2021, average 85% engagement. They operate in 101 U.S. cities with Metro Atlanta (female) residents being the primary audience 

A few tactics that further their purpose:

  1. They created a channel called Anonymous Post, which allows members to share “real” stories of their lives, work and ask for advice with total anonymity.

  2. To support women-led businesses, on Friday they do “Humblebrag,” where members can promote their business, gain clients and increase revenue.

  3. To support diversity, inclusion and equality they don’t allow unpaid interns in the group as this can lead to discrimination and inequity for new professionals.