Colquitt County Stronger Together

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, April 27th, 2020

Colquitt County is Stronger Together, there is no doubt. In these ever-changing times of navigating the impacts of COVID-19, our community is working diligently to be resourceful and supportive. The Moultrie Colquitt County Development Authority, in partnership with the Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce, City of Moultrie and Colquitt County Board of Commissioners, placed hundreds of signs across Colquitt County this week offering encouragement and support to the essential employees of Colquitt County. The signs state, “Colquitt County Stronger Together,” and “We Love our Essential Employees.” Many workers throughout Colquitt County have continued to work daily during the COVID-19 virus, and these are the essential employees who make Colquitt County strong.
As is typical when an emergency occurs, a community pulls together. This emergency is different than what most of us have ever experienced. Many people pray for those who are sick, for the safety of those who are not, for the safety and expert knowledge of the medical professionals, and for our officials both elected and hired to lead our community safely. It takes us all working together, and together we are stronger.
According to President of the Moultrie Colquitt County Development Authority Barbara Grogan, “Our community will always rise to any challenge before us, as has been evident. We are thankful for the citizens who have been able to stay home and slow the spread of the virus. We are also greatly appreciative of the essential employees who have continued to work and provide necessary services. People have been at work daily since the start, across our towns of Berlin, Doerun, Ellenton, Funston, Moultrie, and Norman Park. These signs are a meant to be a reminder that we know employees are working hard, in very different conditions than before, and we value them.”
Speaking directly to the employers of Colquitt County who have kept their businesses open and people employed, Grogan expresses special appreciation for all they have done to keep Colquitt County’s economy moving.  She continues, “Whether it be the essential employees of Oxley’s, Wal-Mart, Piggly Wiggly, Publix, Market Produce, Joe Kem’s and Mike’s Country Store, who have all worked to keep the grocery stores stocked with food; or the employees of the farms such as Chill-C, Mel-Cab, J&R Farms, Baker Farms, Southern Valley and L&M Produce who have worked to provide portions of the food, all are essential. Ag suppliers, such as Ellenton Ag Supply, Sutton Systems, Nutrien, Helena Chemicals, Colquitt Ag Services and others have provided necessary products to our farmers, and MT Power Equipment and Lasseter Mechanical who have also supported our farm and business community by providing essential equipment services.”
With special recognition to childcare providers whose businesses and services allow the employees of Colquitt County to do their jobs on a daily basis, Grogan shares her thanks and appreciation to them as well.  “And especially essential workers at daycares such as or Friend’s & Co. Daycare, Ms. Brandi’s Childcare, Payne’s Kiddie Ranch, the Moultrie YMCA, and others who have worked to keep the children of essential employees across our community—thank you for all you do.”
Grogan continues, “We have food processors at Sanderson Farms and National Beef, those in the timber industry at Canfor Lumber, Southern Wood Components, UFP Moultrie, and Destiny Industries cutting and building products from timber to supply other industries and essential needs. We have essential employees building parts and components at Southern Powder Coating and Moultrie Die Cast and sewing needed items at Sujac Sewing. Employees at Georgia Linens are working to sanitize the linens for hospitals and nursing homes. We have essential workers at banks and law firms, places who shifted their styles of service, but nonetheless continued to be available to meet client needs. From our essential county employees and Sherriff’s department, to the police, fire and public works employees in each City, the list of so many for which we are grateful for their efforts goes on and on.
Our medical community of Colquitt Regional Medical Regional Center, local physicians, pharmacies, and the Colquitt County Health Department are always a strong resource of essential workers, who coordinate services. During COVID, their efforts are no different, working together for a stronger, healthier Colquitt County.”
The storms that passed through Colquitt County and most of South Georgia over the last two days reiterate the importance of being stronger together.  Through COVID and the recent storm activity, the Development Authority and its partners want to express an additional appreciation for power delivery personnel.  “Additionally, our linemen with the Cities of Moultrie and Doerun, Colquitt EMC and Georgia Power have kept the power equipment functioning; and on Thursday and Friday, they quickly began repairing damaged lines from the tornadoes.”
In closing, Grogan reiterates the appreciation Colquitt County has for essential employees, and all citizens who are doing their part. “From staying home and safe, protecting others who are fragile, to working in new conditions of distancing and wearing masks while providing essential services, thousands of our citizens have continued to work, as safely as possible, knowing the dangers they face each day with the virus.  We could not be more proud and thankful for them. We are stronger for all the people who play essential roles and are working together.”