Georgia Submits Georgia Access, Georgia Pathways to Trump Administration

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, January 6th, 2020

Governor Brian P. Kemp's Office and the Georgia Department of Community Health officially submitted Georgia Pathways and Georgia Access to the Trump administration for approval.

"Since the passage of the Patients First Act, we have worked with subject matter experts, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders to craft Georgia-centric solutions to our state's most pressing healthcare challenges," said Governor Kemp. "After announcing Georgia Pathways and Georgia Access, our team traveled the state and solicited public input on our proposals to reduce the uninsured rate, enhance access to care, reduce insurance premiums, and improve health outcomes.

"The proposals we are submitting to our federal partners today increase the number of insured Georgians, lower the cost of health insurance for millions, and give families greater choice in which healthcare solutions best fit their needs. Moving forward, we will continue to work closely with the Trump Administration to ensure timely approval and implementation.

"Georgia Pathways and Georgia Access reflect our values as a state and advance our vision for a healthier Georgia. These two innovative waivers shake up the status quo and put patients first."