Clarke County’s Two Traditional High Schools Beat the State Average

Staff Report From Athens CEO

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Clarke County’s two traditional high schools outperformed the 2019 state graduation rate. Cedar Shoals High School’s graduation rate was 83.5, and Clarke Central High School’s was 83.7, both above the state rate of 82 percent. The Clarke County School District’s overall graduation rate (which includes Classic City High School) increased .8 percent to 81.4.

Superintendent Dr. Demond Means cited greater awareness of student progress throughout the year at the high school level as one of the factors impacting the increase in graduation rates.

“As a district leadership team, we met with our high school principals starting in January 2018 to monitor student progress and identify instructional needs. This collaboration between district leaders and high school principals led to providing additional support for teachers, and was a significant factor in our graduation rates,” said Dr. Means. “I congratulate our students and teachers for their hard work.”

Dr. Means balanced the celebration by continuing to focus the district’s drawing attention to the low percentage of students graduating with the academic profile deemed necessary to be college and career ready in the Clarke County School District.

“We understand that the entire school district—not just our high schools—has more work to accomplish to increase the rate of high school graduates who are college and career ready,” Dr. Means said. “In short, we must improve the academic rigor throughout our school system to properly prepare students for postsecondary options. We are working hard to address this issue, and we are well on our way to increased outcomes for students.”