Georgia Department of Insurance Announces Second Quarter Administrative Actions

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

In the second calendar quarter of 2019, the Georgia Department of Insurance has taken administrative action against 39 licensees for grounds set forth in the Georgia Insurance Code (O.C.G.A. § 33-1-1 et seq.). These actions include two revocations, seven license suspensions, one consent order, and the placement of twenty-nine licensees on probationary status.

“The Department’s job in regulating agents and agencies does not end once they are issued licenses. On the contrary—that is when the real work begins,” said Insurance Commissioner John F. King. “Agents and agencies that fail to conduct themselves with the level of integrity worthy of the public will have the privilege of licensure restricted or removed from them.”

The actions taken by the Department are as follows:


Stacey E. Cheney-Jamison, Resident Agent License No. 591143

License revoked effective June 11, 2019, as a result of Agent entering into an administrative order with FINRA barring her from association with any of its members for refusing to provide requested documentation.

Tiffany Clark Epps, Resident Agent License No. 861393

License revoked by the Department effective June 11, 2019, after an investigation revealed that the Agent falsified 40 insurance applications for 14 fictitious individuals to obtain advance premium commissions.

SUSPENSIONS (Failure to Report/Respond)

David Y. Carlson, Non-Resident Adjuster License No. 3138350

Amanda E. Duke, Resident Agent License No. 2731030

Achille Felix, Non-Resident Agent License No. 2819638

Johanna G. Fredrickson, Non-Resident Agent License No. 2876246

Erika D. Lopez, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3105747

Earl L. Randolph, Resident Adjuster License No. 850539

Amber L. Simpson, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3061627


Joseph Michael Lucent, Resident Agent License No. 754640; and

The Settlement Group, Inc., Life Settlement Provider License No. 47013

Consent Order entered into with Respondents on May 3, 2019, after an investigation showed they engaged in the business of life settlements with unlicensed, unregistered, life brokers that also were the undisclosed purchasers of 14 life settlement contracts.


Brian D. Albritton, Sr., Non-Resident Agent License No.3246552

Antonette Ambrosia, Non-Resident Agent License No.3245908

William Cameron Anderson, Resident Agent License No. 3254709

Kalisha Bennett, Resident Agent License No. 3242773

Kenneth R. Blugh, Resident Agent License No. 3255691

Dakeesha M. Burnett, Resident Agent License No. 3261094

Sha-Roz Cantley, Non-Resident Agent License No 3239961.

Jemharie M. Childrey-Clear, Resident Adjuster License No. 3250505

Cameron J. Dean, Resident Agent License No. 3204276

Shawnaquaya M. Dixon, Temporary Resident Agent License No. 3087802

Kevin Dorcin, Resident Agent License No. 3247568

Shannon M. Durham, Resident Adjuster and Resident Agent License No. 3249412

Joseph George Jr., Non-Resident Adjuster License No.3232732

Alexander S. Glover, Non-Resident Agent License No.3242760

John F. Herberger Jr., Resident Agent License No. 3253726

Xavier S. Herron, Resident Agent License No. 3045017

Patrick G. Hudson, Resident Adjuster License No. 3263460

Elisia Jaramillo, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3235164

Darren L. Johnson, Resident Agent License No. 3208306

Eric Johnson, Resident Agent License No. 3263461

Tymeshia S. Kelley, Resident Agent License No. 2833619

Eric O. Kent, Resident Agent License No. 3254143

Christopher A. Khoury, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3228732

Levi R. Lee, Non-Resident Adjuster License No. 3233720

Mark Marshall, Jr., Resident Agent License No. 3257713

Michael Allen Savage, Temporary Resident Agent License No. 3267771

Leslie D. Scofield-Hilliker, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3078870

Alexander L. Wilson, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3246488

Keith Young Jr., Resident Adjuster License No. 2828344