Insight Global Announces Women's Leadership Council

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Insight Global, a staffing and services company, is excited to announce the formation of the Insight Global Women's Leadership Council or WLC. The WLC is charged with empowering, inspiring and developing our current and future female leaders, as a supplement to other company processes focused on broader leadership development.

In some respects, the formation of the WLC merely recognizes the contributions of the many women who already serve in positions of leadership or who otherwise demonstrate leadership in the performance of their jobs. For example, approximately 47 percent of the sales leadership across the country are women, as are 46 percent of the supervisors, managers, and directors at Insight Global's corporate headquarters. However, Insight Global believes it can build upon this success by creating a group which is focused on identifying current and future female leaders and providing them additional mentoring and support to continue and further their career goals, including greater representation at the highest levels of the organization.

Currently, the WLC is comprised of 17 women in varying levels of leadership, including Regional Recruiters, Account Managers, Sales Managers, National Account Managers, Directors of Operations, Regional Managers and the Vice President of Operations. Their goal is to create opportunities to observe each other and interact with women outside of their own leadership trees through a Mentorship Program.

"Women are already leaders in business, which we see both within our organization and when working with our clients, to fulfill their staffing needs. However, women are often not adequately represented at the highest levels of leadership," noted Brindy Pickett, Regional Manager. "We think that providing additional support for women to achieve their career goals, including as members of the 'C-Suite,' is critical to ensuring that we have the best leadership in the industry. It is not enough that women have always been sought after for advancement at IG – the question is, what have we done to prepare them and set them up for success at every level of the organization? We want to do more to recognize the challenges and successes of women and to ensure that they are connected with other leaders, both men, and women, throughout the company. The WLC is set to lead the way."