Cannon Releases Leadership Podcast

Staff Report From Athens CEO

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Cannon Financial Institute announces the launch of a new podcast series singularly focused on surfacing leadership stories, insights, and perspectives from top thought leaders across diverse industries. Executive Chairman, Phil Buchanan, has been the creative force driving this new series, hosting several 20-minute podcasts each month with highly successful leaders.

In a recent interview with Cannon Financial Institute’s Marketing Director, Cindy Hooper, Buchanan comments, “There are many widely recognized stories of leaders: the Sandy Weills of the world, the Jamie Dimons of the world, some of the great military leaders; but there are countless more untold stories of fantastic leaders that can provide insights to me, and more importantly, to others... I am motivated to hear their stories and surface them. As an industry influencer, Cannon has the responsibility to be a medium through which aspiring leaders can gain access to insights from those who have already experienced what it takes to be a great leader."

As Buchanan continues to outline his motivation for the series, he asserts: “Over the last two to three years as I’ve talked with different leaders within the industry, the concept of leadership has constantly come up; and arguably, there is a thesis out there that our business schools do a fantastic job of producing great managers, they are doing a great job of producing excellent entrepreneurs, but it is tough to produce great leaders.” Buchanan along with other industry executives hypothesize that great leaders are guided to success in two ways: through the counsel of great mentors and/or through defining inflection points in their career path. By inviting top leaders to share their narratives and insights with Cannon Curve listeners, Cannon aims to serve as a sort of abstract mentor from which future leaders can draw knowledge and guidance.