Certified Public Manager Curriculum Incorporates Emergenetics Assessments

Roger Nielsen

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Local government managers throughout the state can now enroll in the University of Georgia’s nationally accredited Certified Public Manager program, delivered exclusively in Georgia by Institute of Government faculty.

Like its state-level CPM program, the Institute’s open enrollment curriculum for local government managers has been enhanced with the addition of the Emergenetics psychometric assessment to help participants become more effective leaders.

Emergenetics, a proprietary workplace assessment instrument, will replace the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in the CPM curriculum. This summer, two Institute faculty members successfully completed training at Emergenetics International and are engaged in the follow-up self-study required to become a certified associate. Two other faculty members are already certified Emergenetics associates.

In addition, the Institute is increasing the number of CPM courses available to state and local government managers. The first open enrollment program for local government managers begins classes Aug. 16; registration is now open for a blended cohort of state and local government managers that will begin coursework in January.

Current participants are already gaining valuable knowledge from CPM topics like collaboration, process improvement and self-awareness. Brandon Kirby, assistant district engineer with the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Gainesville office, says the 300-hour CPM® program has given him a global perspective on management.

“Through class exercises and lectures, I have been challenged to assess my leadership style and grow. I teach a leadership class in my department and have been able to use some of the content in my classes,” Kirby said.

Another participant, Ladisa Onyiliogwu with the Fulton County Department of Senior Services, says the course has profoundly influenced her career: “The Certified Public Manager® program is the ultimate leadership training program. It’s a wonderful program, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about learning and leading.”

She is a member of the inaugural local government CPM cohort. She and her colleagues who successfully complete the course will receive Public Manager Certificates from UGA in September. Kirby is a member of the Institute’s first state CPM cohort and is scheduled to graduate in November.