St. Mary's Registered Nurse Christy Thomason Receives DAISY Award

Staff Report

Friday, November 18th, 2022

Christy Thomason, RN, BSN, a registered nurse specializing in placing IVs and other procedures requiring access to a blood vessel, has received St. Mary’s systemwide DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence.

 Thomason was nominated by the wife of a patient. The couple had been traveling when he was struck by a medical emergency. As they struggled with his illness far from home, Thomason was a highly skilled, compassionate and comforting presence in their hour of need.

“She always came into the room with a bright smile and palpable energy,” the wife said in her nomination for Thomason. “She was able to bring a smile to my husband’s face with her unique sense of humor.”

But Thomason went beyond care for the patient. The wife wrote that Thomason came in shortly after they learned the husband could not be discharged as soon as they had hoped. “Christy sensed my disappointment and asked me how I was doing,” the nomination states. “Seeing that I was on the verge of tears, she gently guided me out of my husband’s room so that he would not see me meltdown. She offered a supportive listening ear and helped me pull myself together so that I could continue to support my husband.

“Thank you, Christy, for not only brightening my husband’s stay, but for making sure this caregiver took care of herself!” the nomination concludes.

“The care Christy delivered to this couple is one of many examples of the extraordinary care she delivers to our patients,” said her supervisor, Barbara Kelly. “She has a beautiful heart and I’m so glad she is part of my team and our health care ministry.”

“Receiving the DAISY Award is something that a nurse can take with them for their entire career,” said St. Mary’s DAISY Award coordinator and director of orthopedics, Ann Gomes. “It’s special for every nurse who receives it. We are proud of all our nurses, but especially proud of Christy and all of our DAISY Award recipients.”

Thomason lives in Monroe, with her husband, Travis, and their children, Elaina and Matthew.