The Greater Georgia Black Chamber Of Commerce Partners With Operation HOPE To Help Create 1 Million New Black Businesses By 2030

Friday, October 1st, 2021

Greater Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce (GGBCC) is honored to announce its partnership with Operation HOPE's national One Million Black Business Initiative (1MBB). This organizational alliance is made in furtherance of the mission to create 1 million Black-owned businesses by 2030. The Greater Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce will contribute to the 1MBB initiative by dedicating its communications, consultative and networking resources to make the state of Georgia the leader in the number of Black-owned businesses created. Through the 1MBB partnership, GGBCC will engage and empower at least 1,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

As the only Black chamber of commerce in Georgia with active connections and a service presence in all 159 counties, the GGBCC is uniquely positioned to drive enrollment in the 1MBB and establish a model that can be used across the country. The ability to engage the urban and rural communities with equal efficacy is a key to reaching the goal of creating an unprecedented number of Black-owned businesses in under a decade.  

"When I established the GGBCC, the vision and values were all about building bridges and connecting people that could help grow strong and sustaining Black businesses.  Partnering with Operation HOPE on the 1MBB initiative is a special opportunity for us to advance that vision even further and serve a purpose even greater than I imagined," said Melinda Sylvester, President and CEO of the GGBCC.  "Our executive leadership team is excited about helping to pave the way for national, foundational change, and having it start right here."

1MBB launched in February 2021 and is largely funded through Shopify, the world's second largest e-commerce platform. The movement is part of Operation HOPE's broader mission to promote financial inclusion and dignity, aimed at empowering the underserved of America.

"Here at Operation HOPE, we know and understand the complexities of managing and sustaining a successful business," said Operation HOPE Founder and CEO John Hope Bryant. "That's why we have partnered with organizations like the Greater Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce to make sure the Black business owners we are serving have access to all of the resources they need to be successful. We are helping to build Black businesses that will last and spark generational change."