Big City Bread Cafe Celebrates 20 Years of "Regulars," and Invites You to Enjoy Breakfast and Lunch All Day

Monday, July 19th, 2021

Owners of family-operated Big City Bread Cafe, Matthew and Deenan Scott, have been serving up delicious meals and house-made breads, pastries and cakes in their beloved hometown of Athens, Georgia for over two decades. The Cafe’s dedication to all things local includes sourcing produce, meats and cheeses from North Georgia farms and providing locally roasted Jittery Joes and 1000 Faces coffees. 

In response to the many chain restaurants opening in Athens of late, the Scott family decided to recognize some of their long-time Big City Bread Cafe customers in their newMeet the Regularsseries, featuring interviews and portraits on their website and in social media over the coming months. Chef Matthew and General Manager Elana Munroe-Gregory also listened to their customers’ frequent requests for “Breakfast and Lunch All Day,” which is on offer all summer.

Regulars Teri and Pam say, “We make it a priority to support locally owned businesses. Big City Bread Cafe has long been our go-to venue for special occasions- birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, last day of radiation treatments, retirement- to name just a few. We also love Chef Matthew’s dedication to work directly with local farmers to provide fresh in-season and organic produce and meats when available.”

Big City Bread Cafe is also one of the first restaurants in Athens to offer ample outdoor seating on their beautiful shaded courtyard under the elms, in addition to indoor dining.

Regular Bella says, “Big City is one of those places that is magical 24/7. It’s lovely to sit on the patio any time of day, whether you're grabbing a coffee in the busy morning hours or getting that last slice of carrot cake before they close.”

Read more interviews from Big City Bread Cafe’s Meet the Regularsseries, at their blog:

Come be a Regular yourself and enjoy “Breakfast and Lunch All Day,” Monday through Friday 8AM-3PM and Saturdays and Sundays 8AM-2PM (with Brunch only, on Sundays).