St. Mary’s Honors Three Colleagues with System’s Highest Awards

Staff Report

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

St. Mary’s Health Care System recently presented its highest honors to three colleagues and leaders for their outstanding commitment to the system’s Mission and Core Values and for their dedication to patients, colleagues and the community.

In a virtual meeting attended by dozens of leaders, colleagues and family members of the recipients, St. Mary’s Senior Leadership Team honored the following people:

  • Mike Lester, Master Mechanic, Engineering Department – Catherine McAuley Award for frontline staff

  • Tina Childree, Manager, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital Emergency Department – Edward J. Fechtel Jr. Excellence in Leadership Award for managers

  • Corey McCarthy, Director, Laboratory Services – Sister Antonette Excellence in Leadership Award for directors

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve with such dedicated and committed people,” said Montez Carter, St. Mary’s President and CEO. “These recipients are truly outstanding, and it is a blessing to serve with each of you. Thank you for all you do for our ministry, our colleagues, our patients, and our community.”

Mike Lester

Mike is a master mechanic who has worked at St. Mary’s for 47 years. A resident of Greensboro, he was selected for the Catherine McAuley Award because of his decades-long commitment to stewardship of the system’s resources and his reverence for his colleagues and the patients they care for. The award is named in honor of Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831 in Dublin, Ireland, to provide care and support to the poor. The Sisters of Mercy are St. Mary's legacy sponsors.

"Day-in and day-out, he is always there when needed," said Board Member and Sister of Mercy Patricia Pepitone in announcing the award. "He listens with a caring heart and true interest in each person. He is one of those rare people who treats everyone with the same high level of respect and compassion.

Tina Childree

Tina started with Good Samaritan Hospital in 2009, back when it was St. Joseph's at East Georgia. She began as a secretary, then advanced to tech, RN, and now, Emergency Department manager. A resident of Buckhead, she is the first-ever recipient of the E.J. Fechtel Award, created this year to recognize an outstanding leader at the manager level in honor of St. Mary's President and CEO from 1966-1999.

"We call Tina 'Sparkles' because of her positive attitude," said Good Samaritan President Tanya Adcock. "She treats everyone with respect and is a good listener. She manages with passion, enthusiasm and a servant's heart, and she leads by example. She is always asking, 'What if we?' instead of 'Why should we?' Her energy inspires everyone."

Corey McCarthy

Corey joined St. Mary's as Director of Laboratory Services in July 2018 and immediately began shining as a leader. A resident of Jefferson, she was selected for the Sister Antonette Excellence in Leadership Award in large part because of her outstanding handling of complex, high-pressure needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sister Antonette was the Director of Nursing and then a special assistant to the President from 1966 to 2003.

"Corey is an amazing leader," said Vice President of Mission Services Julie Carter. "She is an elbow-to-elbow type of leader, one who is right there with her staff. She combines intelligence and skill with passion for the people she works with. One thing that really speaks to me is that after the death of a colleague, she worked to ensure the personal, emotional and spiritual needs of her staff were met."