Georgia Commission for Freight and Logistics Kicks Off 2020 Meeting Series

Staff Report

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

The Georgia Commission for Freight and Logistics has kicked-off its 2020 Meeting Series with its first meeting held on September 15, 2020. This year’s regional meetings will continue the work launched in 2019 with the creation of the commission through House Resolution 37. The goal of the commission is to study the freight and logistics network in the state, find ways to move freight more efficiently and spur economic growth and job creation and make recommendations for funding infrastructure improvements across the state.

Commission Co-Chair Kevin Tanner shared, “The function of the commission is critical to the state’s overall ability to grow economy and jobs. Without connection and infrastructure, economic growth comes to a halt; so, knowing where to invest time, money, and resources in the state, not only allows that growth to continue but propels it forward at a faster pace, as well.”

Co-Chair Brandon Beach added, “With a global health crisis not only impacting the economy, but also our every-day ability to function within it, a deeper understanding of the issues and needs that surround this critical industry make it more essential, today, to research and identify than in previous years. We look forward to working with our local communities to prepare a solid recommendation during the 2021 legislative session.”

The Georgia Transportation Alliance (GTA) is the state’s only organization focused solely on identifying and promoting long-term transportation solutions specifically connected to economic development and job creation. GTA works in tandem with the Commission for Freight and Logistics to support research and data collection that help state legislators make effective investment decisions during session.

“GTA is focused on making sure the state maintains an efficient and safe multi-modal transportation ecosystem,” said GTA Executive Director Seth Millican. “Georgia Ports Authority projects that annual traffic at our Ports will double from 4.5 million containers a year to almost 9 million containers a year by the year 2028. With over 80% of that freight traveling our state by truck, investment in our infrastructure is needed and the work of the Commission is critical to knowing how much and where to put our dollars to work.”

Commission meetings will take place over the next several weeks in local communities around the state. Please be sure to visit for more information and to learn about how you can support multi-modal transportation investment in Georgia, go to