Profile: Richard Raby, Asset Management for Creative Financial Group

Charlotte Nauert

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Richard Raby, portfolio manager with Creative Financial Group, came to the company in 2000 looking for a position offering more face-to-face interaction with his clients. “I was working with E*TRADE when I heard of the opportunity at Creative,” he says. “I was looking for something less transaction-based and more relationship driven, and I found exactly that.” Richard enjoys the opportunity to see the tangible results of his work. “My role as a portfolio manager at Creative can be a little dry: number-driven and results-oriented. However, when you work with a team of financial advisors, the depth of field is greater. You get to see how your decisions affect your client’s retirement, grandkids, children, and travel plans. You play an integral part in helping them reach their dreams, and that drew me to work as a portfolio manager with the group of financial planners at Creative Financial Group.”

When Richard tells people what he does for a living, the most common response is a puzzled “What is asset management, anyway?” 

“My role is to interface with the clients and advisors,” he explains, “and determine the best way to try and help them achieve their long-term financial goals. The financial planners delve into all details of a client’s financial profile so we know our client’s fears and desires, hopes and dreams.” Once the team at Creative Financial Group assesses the client's true long-term goals, they verify there are no preexisting areas, such as insurance, estate planning, benefits, investments, and taxes, which need an overhaul. “Thus, when we put together a strategy for investing it is typically one the client feels very comfortable with because it has been honed via numerous discussions. Therein lies part of the secret to our model: a well thought-out proposal encourages the client to stick with the plan over the long haul and increases the chances of success.”

In addition to this hands-on approach to client interaction, Richard enjoys working in the corporate culture at CFG. “It's very close-knit and collaborative, but also self-driven. Kind of the way you envision a team is supposed to work.” In fact, he says, the relationship with the clients is similar. “We have worked with these clients for years and watched them grow and their families grow so they are kind of like an extended family. The stories associated with the people I work with is the most interesting aspect of my job.” 

In addition to the opportunity to get to know the clients individually, Richard derives real satisfaction and purpose from the more arcane elements of the work. “I find it interesting digging into the details of a bond deal or the valuation of a stock,” he says, while acknowledging that these topics may not be to everyone's taste. 

Finally, Richard says it’s never too late to find a trusted partner you can work with to try and reach your goals. “Financial planning is multi-faceted and highly important so a team of professionals is best, but don’t let that scare you away from getting started with the right help.” 

Richard's hands-on approach and years of experience translate to strong, long lasting relationships and satisfaction in a job well done.